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Alien Teeth, is a recommended title on the School Library Association’s Boys into Books Riveting Reads 5-11 publication 2008.  

Ian’s easy-to-read paperbacks, have a special appeal to boys, especially those who are reluctant to pick a book off the classroom shelf.  His stories are written with simple vocabulary and are full of amazing characters… strange aliens, marauding mummies and skateboarding grannies!!


Read the SLA’s review of Alien Teeth below

Alien Teeth
by Ian MacDonald
Owen is messing about and having a laugh with friends when he finds an alien’s lost teeth and they bite him – a bottom-bite of course. An appearance from the alien, in threatening mode, means the teeth must be returned. But then comes a muddle with Grandpa’s false teeth, a confusion with a dentist, and an accidental loss involving a marvellously smiley sheep. All comes out right just in the nick of time and although the book is a sequel to Eyeball Soup, it is complete as it stands. The good clear print is on easy-on-the-eye creamish paper with plentiful drawings.
Reviewed by The School LIbrary Association for The Boys into Books scheme


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