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KS3 Visit Day

Ian MacDonald was a specialist year 6 teachers for many years and is very happy working with year 7 & 8 pupils in KS3.  Book Ian for a day designed to get everyone fired up to write stories.

Launch your new intake in September with an inspiring workshop day!

Typically, Ian will repeat an hour workshop with several groups, with:

  • short presentation
  • planning ideas
  • characters and setting
  • story starters

The session concludes with a short writing “burst” for continuation in school.

Stop Press: Create story books for your local primary school?

The Story Project

Write and make a ‘real’ story book for your local feeder primary school(s).

Ian will launch your project with a workshop day to

  • inspire
  • develop characters and plot
  • write a story opening
  • design and make a story book

The Story Project day will leave your students with their own story plans, characters and story-starter, ready to complete the ‘publishing’ process in school.