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Spike's Page
Spike is the green dinosaur in Mrs Wrelton's Dinosaur.  He goes to all Ian's author visits
Here he is enjoying a book with a small friend during a busy day looking after his author. 
Mrs Wrelton's Dinosaur was Ian's first published book.  Its launch featured on BBC South East News and BBC Radio Kent.
Medical Note:  Spike has been loved, cuddled and hugged by so many small children on Ian's author visits that, on more than one occasion, he's had to have his neck glued back on... but he's never missed a school visit yet!!!

Dinosaur Tales!
Mrs Wrelton's Dinosaur was based on actual events at Ian's school.  There really was (and still is) a Mrs Wrelton and she put a papier mache dinosaur on the skip when the school was being tidied ready for building work at school.  Ian looked out of the staff room window one day to see the sad looking dinosaur sitting on all the old desks and broken chairs.  He wondered what would happen if some children came back to rescue him.  And that's how it all began....
Historical Note:  The original dinosaur, in the story above, was made by classroom assistant, Denise Skinner, who still works at the school where Spike was 'born'.  When Ian left full time teaching to offer his services as a visiting author to schools, he asked Mrs Skinner to make another Spike based on the illustrations in the book by Derry Dillon.