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Ian specialises in short, easy-to-read reluctant reader series... especially for boys!  His stories are filled with amazing characters... strange aliens, skateboarding grannies and marauding mummies. All of his children's fiction and teacher resource books are available to buy direct from the publishers.


Below is just a selection. 

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The Mummy's Finger


When a mummy's missing finger turns up in Owen’s pocket, it spells big trouble!  Owen, Freddie and Chaz battle a plague of scorpions, resurrected warriors and a murderous mummy in the hilarious chase to return the mummy’s finger!


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Pink Football Boots

Westbrook are doing well in the cup when disaster strikes... their star striker’s boots disappear!  Has bully Georgia got it in for Shareen?  With plenty of football action this story aimed at Reluctant Reader girls, puts gender stereotypes directly in the spotlight.

Gems series pub by Badger Learning

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The Sweet Trail Mystery

When all the sweets are disappearing in the sea-side town of Rockpool, Jade, Millie and Sami are on the trail to solve the case!  The perfect mystery story with ghastly gangsters, a sinister ice-cream van and a scary chase to the top of Rockpool Tower.

Gems series for Badger Learning

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Alien Teeth

Schools Library Association Recommended for Boys into Books


When Owen finds some strange teeth in a forest his troubles begin... they belong to an alien... who wants them back!  The problem is... Owen has lost them!  Alien Teeth is packed full of schoolboy humour and the narrative hurtles relentlessly from one outrageous disaster to another.




Eyeball Soup
A metal eyeball plops out of a tin can and Owen and his friends set off to find out just what's going on in the old factory.  Two stories in one book - Eyeball Soup and Magut the Alien are bound to appeal to young readers, especially boys.

Children in Wartime

Make a model of an Anderson Shelter, investigate materials for blackout curtains, try out real war-time recipes... just some of the exciting activities in this curriculum resource book... everything you need to teach about life on the Home Front. *Includes text on CD for easy printing
Mrs Wrelton’s Dinosaur
Mrs Wrelton's Dinosaur, Ian's first book, featured on BBC South East News and on BBC Radio Kent.
 Mrs Wrelton's Dinosaur tells the story of the daring rescue of Spike the dinosaur from the skip on the school playground.  A second story in the same book sees Sam and Spike on  a hilarious trip to the Dinosaur Museum!  



Assembly Lines
A missing football boot, time travellers in Ancient Egypt, a weather forecast from Noah's Ark! All feature in this lively assembly book for schools. Twenty-five stories for everyday use, plus scripts and ideas for class assemblies, festivals and special occasions. All you could possibly need for assemblies and celebrations in one book.